Starting a family shouldn’t be a reason that Millennials are discouraged from pursuing a higher education—and yet child care costs more than college tuition in 28 states.

For students or people with student debt, the cost of child care is a growing burden that is negatively impacting their future. And for the 1 in 4 student-parents living below the poverty line, it’s an especially pressing issue.

At a time when Millennials are suffering higher poverty rates, lower incomes, and more student debt than generations before them at the same age, our legislators need to prioritize high-quality, affordable child care.

Young people shouldering high tuition or paying back student loans are not the only ones disadvantaged by the lack of quality and affordable child care. Our entire economy takes a hit, too.

As our country is having a national debate in 2016 about our priorities and what we want our future to look like, your voice matters.

We need to make Congress understand that investing in child care is not only the right move for student-parents; it’s the right move for the future of our economy. Will you join us in this push?

Let’s tell Congress that prioritizing child care options will help student-parents fulfill their potential, invest in their children, and bring the most to the economy.

Help us by signing your name and sharing your story about child care if you agree this should be a national priority.

The future of our families—and our economy—relies on it.